Browse our gallery to see examples of the Jeremy Rudge range of high quality, DRESSAGE, JUMPING and GP saddles.

Whatever the breed, shape or style of your horse:
  • Thoroughbred
  • Thoroughbred cross
  • short back such as Arabs and Natives
  • long, straight back such as Warmbloods
  • short, straight barrel back - Cob types
  • high withered – we can make a made-to-measure saddle to suit.

Since each saddle is custom made, we can provide the optimum shape and length of flap. Knee and thigh blocks are individually cut, shaped, positioned and adjusted precisely.

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Styles of Dressage

Styles of Jumping and Cross Country

Other Styles

Below is a range of saddles that have been personalised.

A selection of saddles made for satisfied customers!
"Saddles as individual as you and your horse"

Our Gallery

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A Vet's View
Vet's View
'Not all horses react in the same way to problems. Some horses are more pain tolerant and will put up with a badly fitting saddle, but it can lead to lack of performance and there can be serious long term effects.'

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