All experienced riders, riding instructors, vets, chiropractors and, of course, saddle makers agree that bespoke or made-to-measure saddles are best, simply because they are made to fit both horse and rider.

saddleLocated in Walsall, England – the acknowledged world centre of fine saddle making – Jeremy Rudge Saddlery Ltd. has been making and fitting high quality, made-to-measure saddles and girths since 1989.

The company has an international reputation and Master Saddler Jeremy Rudge is a several times winner of competitions sponsored by the UK's Society of Master Saddlers. Jeremy Rudge Eventing, Jumping, Dressage and General Purpose saddles and girths are the ultimate in hand-made tack, made using traditional methods.

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saddle2The secret of made-to-measure saddles

We believe that the secret of made-to-measure saddles lies in the fit of the tree – the internal frame on which the saddle is built. The manufacturing process, therefore, depends on using a tree, which conforms best to the breed and style of horse and the selection of the optimum type, style and shape of tree.

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Made-to-measure saddles need the knowledge and expertise of a master saddler, combined with the skills of a qualified fitter. That’s why Amy Downing – a key member of the Jeremy Rudge saddlery team –is registered with the Society of Master Saddlers as a Qualified Fitter. Many owners have difficulty in finding a saddle, which fits properly to horse and rider. Our pre-manufacture fitting service enables you to ride in our demonstration saddles, check out variations in knee and thigh block, cut of flap and style of seat and choose the leather type and colour.

During manufacture and where appropriate customers are welcome to visit our factory for precise checking of the flap measurements. Once the new saddle is made, on-site saddle fitting and after sales support is provided to ensure that your saddle is as individual as you and your horse.

Saddle care
Leather is a natural product, which with the right care, will last for many years. Regular maintenance will help to retain the saddle’s appearance and ensure long lasting and safe use.

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Made-to-Measure Saddle Makers and Fitters
Quality Saddles – Hand Crafted in the UK

Richard Stephenson, equine veterinary surgeon at the Staffordshire based, Pool House Equine Clinic.

‘Not all horses react in the same way to problems. Some horses are more pain tolerant and will put up with a badly fitting saddle, but it can lead to lack of performance and there can be serious long term effects. It is not uncommon for a horse with mild lameness to compensate in its gait, causing the saddle to twist and accentuate the problem, leading to pressure sores on the withers.’

‘Flocking a saddle to fit is not the answer. I have seen the flocking remedy in practice and had a case where to make it fit, one side of the saddle was heavily and more particularly, solidly padded and the other flocked normally. The result was a ‘fitting’ saddle but riding had caused an abscess. Even the smallest sore - the size of a one pence piece – can be extremely painful for the animal and can take anything up to six months to heal.’
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